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As I understand it, Poke-oke is a Japanese concept used in manufacturing (often automotive industy) which involves setting up systems in such a way that a mistake becomes impossible to make.
Its a feature use use when you are bored.
When you poke someone, they'll get a notification.So my option would.Poke-oke is a fantastic idea, which can be used many aspects of life."give him a poke".Source(s Have a facebook account.If you waited until you got home before doing this, and it wasn't the horaires casino de sarrebruck pig you had zwarte deurklink met slot been expecting, you would be very disappointed and angry, with yourself and with the trader.On Facebook, it just means you're saying 'Hi' and letting the person know you're online.Depends what kind of person they are if they have high temper plz don't if they don't be that annoying person if you dare verb verb: poke ; 3rd person present: pokes ; past tense: poked ; past participle: poked ; gerund or present participle.ZHK blue rose, source: The Daily Dot.
the uncomfortable feeling does NOT go away for quite awhile.
A different possibility might be some physical irritation, such as an insect bite "poking" the sleeper.
Just a fun feature.
To poke someone: Go to their profile, click on their cover photo.
It could be to get her attention, or to annoy her.This dream could have a number of interpretations depending on the dreamer's circumstances.(more) it probably means that she likes you, she just has a secret crush on you, shes just very annoying, OR she wants to poke a hole through your skin and observe what a bone looks like.Jack 1 decade ago 23, thumbs up 0, thumbs down, comment, asker's rating)."she gave the fire a poke" synonyms.If you went to a market to buy a (small?) pig, and the market trader had one already tied in a sack ready for sale and taking away, and if you bought it and went away without actually checking the contents, you would have bought.Best Answer: It means what you want to think it means.

"I'd poke her" means "I would like to have sex with her".