teamspeak poke hotkey

Fixed minor issues using animated gifs.
Removed pluginEvent and getapiversion.
ts3server links can now be entered into the Connect dialog.Fixed hotkey toggle/activate/deactivate plugin.ts3server links are again caught for the Collected URLs - Added confirmation when resetting custom toolbar settings casino schweiz sperren to default résultat loto du 17 mars - Don't show server update dialog while running a fullscreen application - Fixed upload/download slots if one slot was set.Fixed special html characters (, etc) getting lost in chat history - Fixed special html characters in client description - Clear old server log when connecting to a new server in the server log view - Changed behaviour of the last tabs close button.All clients list can now also be searched by client unique identifier.Fixed copying nicknames from chat if they contain whitespaces.Author: TeamSpeak Systems GmbH m, mD5 Checksum: - Added temporary server passwords, see contextmenu on server.Can be configured in Notifications Options.AutoReply aims to automate poke replying for TeamSpeak.
Fixed editing a hotkey but assigning the same action.
Fixed offline message parsing error if message was empty.
These represent the following: Variable, meaning maxpokes, this represents the max number of pokes before it is considered spam.
Added message for outgoing pokes.
Fixed some ts3server links issues when using cid parameter.
If a playback- or capture profile was renamed or deleted every hotkey depending on this profile will be adjusted.
Removed animation of group icons.Title: TeamSpeak Client.0.10 (64-bit filename: file size:.31MB (34,928,528 bytes).Added "Move Client to own Channel" in client context menu.Customizing, open the a file inside the folder where you've put.Added context menu to notifications to select which sounds are important.The server requires a permanent passwords set, else temporary passwords have no effect.On the start of it you should see four variables, maxpokes, maxtime, doreply, recmsg and kickmsg.Added notification icon to status bar if client has unread offline messages.Added Delete keyboard shortcut to subscriptions dialog to remove entries - Volume control plugin overhaul - Fixed possibly invalid grant value displayed in permission overhaul - Removed "Export to PDF" in permission overhaul - Cleaned up client, channel and server info templates.When adding a ban a dialog will show if the ban could be inserted.Added TS3_config_DIR environment variable to overwrite location of config directory.Display server/channel group icons in group list of permissions window.

Fixed saving first-start-bookmark for not using hotkeys on a temporary uuid.
TS3MassMover, updated on 10:31:23, features, support.
Sorting of server- and channelgroups should behave the same even with identical sortID everywhere in the client.