Avoid direct exposure during the casino castelginest first weeks and then apply sunscreen on the stick and poke.
Antiseptic ointments shouldnt be applied excessively on stick and poke tattoos.
Then, apply an antiseptic ointment and bandage the tattoo with a sterile absorbing pad or gauze.
If you dont have green soap, rubbing alcohol is better than nothing.Another mandatory stick n poke aftercare measure is cleaning.Nevertheless, they stick and pokes need aftercare, and you should always inform the person youre tattooing about what they can do to help the healing and preservation of their tattoo.For example, you could do the lining in a first session, and the shading in another one.Depending on your project, it could take few sessions to complete your stick and poke tattoo.
All homemade tattoos should be washed after removing the bandage and during the healing process.
Sunlight will fade the tattoo.
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Sterile absorbing pad or gauze, dont use plastic wrap to bandage stick and poke tattoos as it creates a low oxygen, wet and warm environment that helps bacteria grow.
Sticoke tattoo demonstration, here is a me doing a stick n poke, some of it is sped up but you get to see how I do it in real time too.If you enjoy this video please hit the subscribe button!Using antiseptic ointments such.Notice : All the information in this article shouldnt be taken to be medical or professional advice.here'icture OF THE tattoo: g Subscribe to see more!