Week 750, 10/24/66 Sponsor: Norelco John Sackie, Tempe, AZ: "An poke roblox youtube airplane landed on the top of my car." Bill guesses, going first.
John Winpenny, Hatfield, UK: "I took off and flew an airplane that has no motor I turned the propeller by pedaling with my feet." Henry guesses, going last.
Bill tries on his own wedding jacket from a mere 10 years ago.Betsy guesses after all have played.JFK: Operations officer Mike Mitsakos.Music Director: Norman Paris, production Manager: William Egan, set Designer: Ronald Baldwin, program Staff: Irma Reichert, Judy Crichton, David Seltzer, Peter Colangelo.(No one gets it right.) Week 730, 6/6/66 Sponsor: Spic and Span Associate Director: Dan."He has to get rid of his house pet." "My pet is a 260-pound snake 18 feet long (largest.S.)." The Indian python, which is going to the Bronx Zoo, is backstage.This is done with three sets of items: 50 dresses, 35 hats, and 50 peignoirs.Guest Arlene Dahl: "The dress I'm wearing is made of paper." Steve adds: "The dress is valued at 1,000." Bess guesses, going third.
The other three panelists guess which two statements are true.
"The Loretta Young Show"?
Bill: Are you coming back to 'I've Got a Secret'?
They are members of the Sahara Acrobatic Troupe and appear in the movie "Dr.
This segment is viewable on YouTube in two parts: Part 1 Part 2 Week 747, 10/3/66 Ginny Thu?
Gray, West Frankfort, IL: Besides being an auctioneer, pilot, and magician, "I'm a United States Congressman." Guest Rossano Brazzi: Given literal translations of Italian idioms, the panel try to come up with the American equivalent (see also 4/27/64 ).
Betsy succeeds in picking the expensive hat, but Jordan doesn't choose.Five other designs are modeled, one by Raban and two each by Georges Kaplan and Betsy Johnson.Chapel Hill, NC: A basketball game is in progress between the Universities of NC and.Guest Shelley Winters: Steve and the panel are asked questions about themselves and guess the answers by writing down a number from 0.After the board is turned around, everyone must try to remember each object's number.Then they are given other stimuli while the audience is shown the needle moving.Two false statements fooled all three players into rapport loto foot a 7 ligue 2 thinking they were true: Bill ran away from home to join a traveling carnival.Week 728, 5/23/66 Sponsor: Chiffon Associate Director: Dan.Steve Hurley, Gardena, CA: "I worked as a professional bullfighter." David Manning, Brooklyn, 8: "I performed in a Broadway musical" Annie Get Your Gun" at Lincoln Center).Week 755, 11/28/66 Sponsor: Remington Madge Cleveland, Hollywood: "I'm a screamer I've screamed in 83 movies." Charles and Terry Kuntz,."I'll play my part of the duet with a bow and arrow." While Steve plays "Do-Re-Mi" on piano, Gary shoots arrows at the note heads on a giant musical staff, causing tuned bells to sound the appropriate notes.Esther Weinberg, Hollywood, FL: "I was dealt a perfect bridge hand all 13 clubs I lost!" See also 4/29/63.2009 Carson Company Wordsmiths Est.Siblings Elizabeth, 9; Vicky, 10; and Alexander, 13, then appear and all four play a blues.