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Yesterdays race featured the usual assortment of runners dressed.
Thats some belt buckle on Japanese golfer Chie Arimura (with thanks to Jeremy Brahm ).As always, the full gallery of card designs is here, and info on how to enroll is here.Uni Watch News Ticker: Lots of readers wrote in over the weekend regarding Saturdays Oregon/Cal game, but Ill have more to say about that tomorrow.The Welsh rugby team is sponsored by Brains, a jeu dauphi cash beer company.Its always one of my favorite days of the year, even though I normally couldnt care less about running.Interestingly, three separate people opted for the.Election Night Research Project: As longtime readers may recall, two years ago I enlisted readers help to document the horrifying phenomenon of TV talking heads trying tuto machines a sous to appear non-partisan on Election Night by wearing purple ties or other purple attire (for details, look here ).Several cool eBay finds by Scott Turner, including two great hockey jerseys and killer football jersey.Ive been impressed with Phils commentary and uni acumen for a while now, so he was a natural choice for position.Look at the huge snob lettering (thats school name on back ) that Ohio University wore in 1965.Spencer Merritt of New Mexico went nnob on Saturday.
It arrived in the mail loto cse stock on Saturday, and I couldnt be happier, although it looks a lot better on the galpal than it does.
As he said when he sent it to me, Its got everything going for.
Almost invariably, the runners faces light up when they hear themselves being singled out, so the whole thing feels very communicative and interactive.
Distant Replays a great deal when you consider that the membership fee is only 15 to start with.
But they cant wear alcohol-related sponsorship logos when playing in France, so they change their jerseys to Brawn (with thanks to Alan Lai ).
By Paul Lukas, on November 3rd, 2008.And remember, all new enrollees (or existing members ordering new card designs) will get a 10 gift card from our friends.One of the best things about living in NYC is the annual New York City Marathon, which takes place on the first Sunday in November.and many of the runners put their names and/or countries of origin on their shirts, so you can yell, Go, Tricia!Membership News: Lots of ground to cover before we get to the Ticker, beginning with the news that I expect to mail out about 30 membership kits this week (including Chris Warffords UNC-themed card, shown at right nice job by Scott with the argyle trim.Whatever your politics, I hope youll agree that its totally cool that this Uni Watch-related garment ended up in the marathon.Phil nickname, incidentally, isnt just an internet pose.I loved Pat Burrell on the beer truck, writes Bill.Thats UConn, whose helmet was half white, half blue in 1965.Kansas players attribute Saturdays big win over Kansas State to wait for it spatting.Someone on the Chris Creamer board posted this photo note the two-tone helmet.Trey Phillips reports that several.