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A macaroni OF THE 18th century.
Listed in the 1888 Klackner catalog: Klackner was the leading American publisher of fine art prints in the period, and published all the leading artists, including Winslow Homer.
A brilliant impression on chine collé.114; Margolin, American Poster Renaissance, 1975, illus.Sailing TOY yachts IN central park, March 1888.This etching is printed on satin, a delicate process much-loved in the 1880s for the glistening effect.Colman travelled frequently in Europe, and the Italian and French rivieras held a special attraction for him, as they still do for today's travellers.As published in the nyec exhibition catalogue for 1883, the small version of the larger etching he had in the exhibition.
Cat., The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1987, illus.
Bruhn, American Etching: The 1880s, exh.
James Hunt, Officers and Members of the Light Infantry Company Winslow Blues/ by John Holloway." Published in Boston by John Ashton, 197 Washington.
A sundial, chartres cathedral, 1885.
Bacher worked on etching with Whistler in the summer of 1880, learning much from the master and, in turn, assisting Whistler with the proofing of his plates.
Les Affiches loterie lu extralux Etrangères illustrées, Paris, 1897.LES petites chaumiÈRES, 1878.The style of this etching is similar to Fench etchings of the period and was made long before the rise of the American Etching Revival.THE pont DE gand, bruges, 1884.A bright impression, in perfect condition.The painting is in the collection of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.This luminist view on the west coast of Cape Cod Bay was exhibited at the New York Etching Club in 1888, An impression is in the collection of the Parrish Art Museum.This is an excellent impression in very good condition.Church was a noted illustrator, painter and etcher, and a founding member of the Salmagundi Club in NYC in 1871.Adresse de courriel Saisissez à nouveau votre adresse de courriel.Mes favoris Récemment ajouté: Afficher tout).This is based on an 1880 drawing for a series of sketches on 18th century American life in Yorktown and Alexandria, Virginia.

American Art Review, and the prime mover in developing the taste for fine art prints in the United States.