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" All hope said he, of a successful issue would be lost, if it were made to depend on establishing harmony between three orders essen- tially at variance in their principles and recette roulette cookies interest.
" Everythingin the prison was ransacked; and among the remnants of the olden time which were brought to light were many relics of feudal barbarity, suffi- cient to rouse to- the highest pitch a less excitable people than the French.
' ' The queen, " snrs MadamedeStael "shared the dOalike of d king." After having given said he, " a shining example of disinterestedness, it is now our casino programme de fidélité duty to rally roimd our ancient constitution, and to give one pf firmness.' ' A man said he, " who reqiiires to borrow must appear rich, and to appear rich he must dazzle by his expenditure." Gtle- men said the Cardinal de la Roche- foucauld, we have been led here by our love and respect for the king, our wishes for the country, and our zeal for the public good." "Gentlemen said." I am still younger replied the king, " and mysituation is moredifficult than that which I intrust to you." At length his scruples were overcome, and he ac- cepted the onerous chaige." And yet, mar- vellous circumstance!" From the moment says Mr Burke, " that I read a list of their names, and saw this, I foresaw distinct- ly, and very nearly as it happened, all that was to follow!

'L of St Cloud, who waa with reaeon moBt anxious to secure his great abilities in defence of the throne.* Her fascinat- ing manner secured his unsteady affec- tions, while the royal bounty provided the supplies for his extravagance.
" He operat- ed says Senac de Meilhan, 'upon the body politic like an anatomist upon a dead subject and never considered that he was acting upon living and sensitive beings.
' our enemies * It was a monarch thus painted by their ablest leaders that the Revohitiomsts after- wards dethroned and executed!