Then have them walk back to the spaceship to return to Earth.
Meteors can be balls of aluminum foil wrapped around long strips of plastic.
Taste Test A fun activity that the children love is to taste test real ice cream that the astronauts eat in space.
Have them jump, walk, and give each other a moon hug.Hang stars from the ceiling.They can make moon craters with thumb imprints.Marble painting or watercolors will also give this activity variety.There are 9 planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.Flour Add salt to water, then stir into flour.Additional Teacher Helpers Amazon Kindle Store Space Toys and Games m Movies on Space Air Tanks Using 2 liter pop bottles- upside down.Well Be Orbiting Round The Moon (Shell be Coming Round the Mountain) WeII be orbiting round the moon yes we will.Number the top half with numbers one thru ten and the bottom half with corresponding dots to the number.
Use glow in the dark crayons to color both sides of the stars.
This will reveal craters and fissures, etc.
Then have the children try to make these shapes by gluing thick yam on construction paper.
Galactic Mobiles 2 1/2.
Cover the floor with white or yellow sheets.
Players will be able to get huge totem-like Pokémon for their teams based on how many stickers they have collected.
Please Follow Me On: Moon Walking, create a moon landscape for the children by placing pillows all over the floor.Tie foil fringes on to end to play meteor catch.Trip to the Moon, cut square face holes out of the sides of paper bags.The planets spin around the sun, We live on earth!Snacks Dehydrated Food Snacks Peel bananas, slice apples, oranges, or other fruit or vegetables.Also telescopes may be made with this same method of covering tissue paper holders.Each child should have a couple of stars and a couple of circles.That's not the only new piece of information revealed today.Theres a tiny little star Way up in the sky.

While the music plays, the children move in a circle around the hot sun When the music stops, the child who is standing in front of the sun moves to the center and is the hot sun for the next round.
Bake at 200 degrees for 3 hours, with the door slightly ajar.
Three little stars With nothing.