Aloha spirit in lotos en sarthe Vegas!
If you like Waikiki and Ala Moana shopping center in Honolulu, with the designer boutiques and fancy restaurants, go to the south strip, with those ever bigger monster casinos, trying to outdo the one just completed last year, go to the southern part of the.
And if you start up in pidgeon, they will pidgeon it up with you!
They know dakine brah!And the buffet is pretty good, and the sports bar-like dining area has good suds to suck'em up brah!OK, I'll admit that the old part of Vegas may be a riff raff magnet, what with the motels and dingy wedding chapels, a veritable Reno south, plopped into the north part of Las Vegas Avenue, amidst the CBD, city hall, and services for the.Nope, just down gewinnplan keno typ 10 home "local" boys, who are humble with a great touch of island humor.But like Reno, you can walk to 6 casinos in the time it takes you to get from the elevator to the sidewalk in the southern strip mega-casinos.It's not your glitz and glam and chichi night clubs and celebrity chefs, or 25 minimum table bets in cavernous themed casinos with a 20 minute walk to your car or 20 minute wait to get your car or taxi.Even the croupiers will let you take your time, do your pre-roll craps ritual, and not hassle you about how you throw the dice, or agitate you with comments about throwing them too high, too low, too slow, like some casinos I won't mention (actually.The cafe has island type food to, with greasy plate lunch style meals, that remind you of food back home in the islands.
It has an old west train station motif which is interesting but not why I like it, and like the California Hotel adjacent to it, it caters to Hawaiians.
And they are friendly and relaxed, even when losing.
This goes for the other table game dealers, and the other staff.
The table stakes are low, usually 5, but the odds are high, like 20X for craps bets.
But if you are a local boy, from Ewa, Mililani, Aiea, north shore, or somewhere outside Waikiki tourist traps, then come here and feel at home with the Brahs and Sistahs.
It's sort of like an extended family feel here.PS - I usually win here, and if I lose, I still have a good time!If you relate to Brown, this is the place in Town.None of the bravado driven, money flashing, pseudo-high rollers looking for attention, to prove their self worth on a gaming table.And at the craps table, of which there are only three (rarely all open at once it is usually not crowded, with a relaxed island vibe, because nearly every craps gambler is Hawaiian, with tanned skin and almond eyes.Many of the people working here are from the Islands, and will slip into their Hawaiian accents, with that distinctive way of asking a question that drops down in tone, just the opposite of the Haole who's question rises in tone.And you can find cheap meal specials.That is why I like.

But I like Main Street Station.
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