When he received the intimation of his recall, his first words were, "Ah!
16 Merchants, Farmers,.Alone of all foreigners, an Eng- lishman still feels at home when he crosses the Atlantic ; and the first efforts of American eloquence have been exerted in casino frejus avenue leotard painting the feelings of an ingenuous inhabitant of that country when he first visited the land.It was soon ewdent that tins state of things could not long continue.Her t Wlien Marie Antoinette left Vienna to be married, Maria Theres-'i addressed the follow- ing letter to Louis XVI., tlieu the Dauphin : Your spouse, my dear Dauphhi, has left mc : as she has been my delight, I trust she will be your.The dissolution of the As- Hcmbly, before the work of the consti- tution is finished, would lead to the destruction of the constitution ; it is now urged by the enemies of freedom, with no other view but to secui-e the revival of despotism,.StiU, however, the resistance continued ; the Comte d'Artois and the princesses * On the part of the parliament it was unred by uie Abb Mably and others, 'Tbat tne noblesse of the kingdom, the princes and peers of the blood-royal, were entitJed.The extravagant imitation of English cus- toms and manners, called Uie Anglo- mama, was more than a mere foolery of fashion : it was the expression of a disposition disquieted and dissatisfied wi itself, and arose from a secret de- sire to imitate the free.L who surroimded the house; and in a struggle with the major of the national guard, he was pierced by two balls, which caused him to fall from his horse.
"Wbat would become of the autho- rity of the king if these magistrates, linked together in every province by a general asso- ciation, should form a united body, deter- mined to suspend at will the royal nmctions, stop the registering and execution of the laws.
It was at a later period in the Digitized by Google 1789.
Are the immense sacrifices of theii* posses- sions the clergy have already made their junction with the Tiers Etat, which first gave victory to the cause of the Revoluon to go for nothing?
These evils are great, but they are neither the only nor the worst produced by such mi- litary insiurections.
Like all profound and original writers, they were followed by a crowd of imitators, who carried to the verge of extravagance at once their excellences and their defects.De Belzunoe, an amiable youns man of a noble family, major in the regiment of Bourbon, stationed at that town, had endeavoured to preserve his men frY m the contagion of revolt ; and he had so far succeeded as to have attracted the notice.Proposal for a property-tax, 304.In the Fau- bourg St Antoine, a celebrated manu- facturer of furniture papers, named Re- veillon, had long been at the head of a wealthy and prosperous establishment, which gave employment to three hun- dred persons.Rocca, Marshal Si Cyr, and Marshal Suchet, throw a clear light over part, at least, of those com- plicated events.

" Remove from the bed said he, " all that sad apparatus.