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The Journal of Land Public Utility Economics.
Opposition has intensified as Election Day nears, with the percentage of likely voters against repeal of Costa-Hawkins jumping 11 percentage points since September.
Oregon Editorial (October 5, 1994).Type 7 Ballot Title 66 YES 692,687 583,707.27 NO REF Raises tax on household income at and above 250,000 (and 125,000 for individual filers).Newsom said should initiative fail, hed work immediately to draft a statewide solution to address concerns of both sides.Type 7 Ballot Title - and notes 1 NO 244,173 451,715.1 YES LEG Future Fuel Taxes May Go to Police November edit 1992 general election Meas.Cccp-McCann Managua will present at, cannes Lions 2017.Type 7 description 1 YES 233,384 93,752.34 Yes LEG Governor's 20-day Bill Consideration Amendment 2 No 133,525 165,797.61 Yes LEG Amendment Repealing the Double Liability of Stockholders in Banking Corporations 3 No 149,356 169,131.90 Yes LEG Legislators Compensation Constitutional Amendments 4 YES.
Initiatives and referendums may be placed on the ballot if their supporters gather enough signatures from Oregon voters; the number of signatures is a percentage based on the number of voters casting ballots in the most recent election for the.
They were both mostly funded by the Taxpayers Association of Oregon, which in turn received nearly all its funding from Illinois-based Americans for Limited Government.
November edit 1998 general election Detailed information on measures 30 and official results 31 available from the Oregon Secretary of State 's office.
Type 7 description 1 YES 69,373 41,887.35 Yes LEG Repeal of Negro, Chinaman and Mulatto Suffrage Section of Constitution 2 No 46,784 55,817.60 Yes LEG Portland School District Tax Levy Amendment 3 YES 64,956 38,774.62 Yes LEG Criminal Information Amendment.
Online Voters' Guide for the January 26, 2010 Special Election.A b "Almost Two-thirds of Ballot Measure Cash Comes from Out of State But Campaigns Vary in Terms of Local Control" (Press release).1998 General Election Voters' Pamphlet, page 148.Exception: Prevent Mother's Death 7 No 234,804 816,369.34 Yes Init 5 Sales Tax, Funds Schools, Reduces Property Tax 8 YES 802,099 201,918.89 No Init Prohibits Mandatory Local Measured Telephone Service Except Mobile Phone Service 9 No 449,548 584,396.48 Yes Init Limits Property.Num passed YES votes NO votes YES Const.All three passed; the first two by wide margins, and Measure 53 by a margin so narrow that it triggered an automatic recount.Type 7 description 1 YES 579,022 92,187.27 Yes LEG Fixing Commencement of Legislators' Term 2 No 357,499 393,652.59 No LEG Daylight Saving Time 3 YES 335,792 312,187.82 Yes LEG Financing Urban Redevelopment Projects 4 No 306,190 340,197.37 Yes LEG Permitting Prosecution.A b c d e "Initiative, Referendum and Recall: ".YES votes NO votes Const.Type 7 description 1 YES 45,334 14,031.36 Yes LEG Office of State Printer 2 YES 56,205 yorkton kinsmen radio bingo 16,354.46 No Init Direct Primary Nominating Convention Law 3 YES 43,316 40,198.87 No Init Local Option Liquor law 19 General Election 6 meas.Type 7 description 1 No 83,424 96,629.33 Yes LEG County Indebtedness and Funding Bond Constitutional Amendment 2 YES 117,446 83,430.47 Yes LEG Criminal Trial Without Jury and Non-unanimous Verdict Constitutional Amendment 3 YES 104,459 98,815.39 No LEG Bill Authorizing a State Tuberculosis.Online Voters' Guide 2010 General Election.I will take responsibility to address the issue if this does get defeated, he said, adding that hed not wait even the first 100 daysto pursue that in a transition.40 63 YES 566,064 457,762.52 YES init Measures Proposing Supermajority Voting Requirements Require Same Supermajority For Passage.