fret slotting jig

I would be honored if you bought my book, but to make this jig you shouldnt need.
This jig allows you to make copies of any fretboard that you already have.This process is then repeated over and over until all of the fret slots are cut.Don MacRostie, StewMac R D, the Fret Slotting Miter Box accommodates fingerboards up lotto presse fessenheim to 1/2" (12.70mm) thick and 2-7/8" (73mm) wide.Schließen, bund Schlitzen Spannvorrichtung, diesen Artikel einer Liste hinzufügen.Du hast noch keine Listen.The way this miter box is made, it eliminates any hand work and makes the slots more precise.If you try a test cut on a piece of drop from one of your blanks, loto bouse montlebon you will easily be able to count the strokes and see how many it takes to cut about half way through the board.Fret Slotting Jig Design, the jig is essentially a miter box.This was done by carefully positioning the saw and between the faces before screwing it down.
The next step in making the jig more accurate is to make the slot for the saw only a small fraction wider than the saw blade.
It will not need to be forced, geant casino tabouret pliant and it should drop nicely into place over the bar.
Through years of constant use and clever improvements, they've created the single best tool for hand-cutting fret slots.
If that happens, put the pieces back inside and cut the missed slot.
The simplest way to cut perfect fret slots.
The guitarmakers in our shop designed this miter box.
The wrap at the nut end can fit between the nut and first fret with standard size masking tape.Du kannst doch nicht deinen eigenen Artikel kaufen.Clear view of the action, our uncluttered design lets you see and feel the slot being cut.Positioning the saw by hand for all the frets is not the easiest way to be accurate."You won't believe how smoothly our improved fret slotting system works!".Save by ordering a miter box and fret saw together!You've never felt a miter saw move this freely without looseness.