Postal addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, IP addresses and the pokerist contents of a ticket or other private conversations) of a private nature on this chat.
Please do not post content that is infringing upon the copyright of another party.
We thought it would be an easier way for us to communicate updates and news to you guys as well as easier for you to contact.Fotos auf dem Fashion Flash zur Kenntnis genommen.Document information, more support for: WebSphere Application Server, component: General, software version:,.5,.5.5.Und wie kam es dazu?You will find our Terms of Service at the following link: m/policy/terms, additional rules.0 General Behavior, please do not, under any circumstance, insult a member of this community or provoke them into insulting/attacking someone else.If you need to report inappropriate behavior on the chats, please send a ticket with the reported users name.Please do not publicly accuse another member of this community (or a guild) of hacking.Do not harass other members of this community.
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You can use Discord on your browser or as an App on your computer: To enter the EOS Discord Server, use the following link: EOS Discord, rULE: This community group being an official chat, all Aeria Games Terms of Service are applied.
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Do not post any racist or discriminating remarks.
If you report an inappropriate behavior on voice chats, please record the conversation and add the evidence to the ticket.
Also, avoid wishing for someone to come to physical harm.
First you will need a Discord Account.3 Spamming, please do not spam the chats.Finden Sie es selbst heraus und werden Sie selbst zum Ermittler, genießen Sie dabei ein köstliches Gänge Menü und helfen Sie bie den Ermittlungen.Doing either will lead to the closure of your account.We'll still keep an eye on the shoutbox and other media, but we want to centralize the communication on a platform that is easier and intuitive to use.If you report chat messages, please add a screenshot of the conversation to the ticket.Please do not attempt to discuss action taken by the administration against your (or someone elses) account in public.

This is why we are making the EOS Community Discord Server official!