GLaDOS tells Claptrap that she feels nothing but apathy for him.
Wait, forget I resultats loto 30 decembre 2017 said that last part.Comically Missing the Point : Sam: What do you think I should do, Max?Sam: What would Max do?And, from the forums, it seems to be very common to get that challenge as one of the three for GLaDOS's item, which is the last unlockable.Deliberate Values Dissonance : Played for Laughs in one conversation in the Borderlands 2 Inventory.Totally Radical : In-universe.Isn't 'anyone' going to make a dirty joke here?Alternatively: Sam: How am I supposed to make small talk with a mute?
Unobtanium : When Brock and Ash are teasing Claptrap about the other Pandora, Ash asks if they ran out of Can't-Get-It-ium.
Late-Arrival Spoiler : Sam outright spoils much of "The City That Dares Not Sleep" when he discusses Brock's vocal resemblance to Sal.
A waiter from Gravity Bone is seen behind one of the doors in the intro.
He got benched for it, then reinstated, but he didnt play for the rest of the season.If you go for a long time without making a move, the characters will sometimes tell you to quit stalling and get on with it already.We love him because of his ridiculous, opinionated statements while commentating NBA games.Playstation Network, with an iOS port released in May, but is no longer available online after the license expired.Sam : How am I supposed to make witty banter with a mute?So, an Irish Wolfhound detective and his insane lagomorph friend, a talkative Pandoran robot, a zombie-fighting department store clerk and a former bodyguard with a license to kill walk into a bar with a table run by an incredibly murderous and corrupt.A framed screenshot of the original cast can be seen down the stairs in the intro.Lantern Jaw of Justice : During one of the table conversations, Sam will admire Brock's and Ash's chins, and say that he isn't proud of his.Claptrap says that Max will have to be this if he ever gets in a Borderlands Expansion Pack.Obvious Beta : The cartable monster high a roulette pas cher iOS version.They even note in a conversation that they're glad someone touched up on their models.