don't poke the bear red wine

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These affordable wines are available in the lcbo now for only.95 each.VQA wine is the brainchild of winemakers, andrew von Teichman and, allan Jackson (one of the founders of the Jackson-Triggs Winery and Union Wines).We use cookies and tracking technologies on our website to enhance user experience, analyze and improve our services, and learn what information interests you.But theres a new local Ontario wine that goes one step further with a charitable spin to give you even more incentive to pour out another serving.She explained that the Golden Rule, Do unto others as they would do onto you, is the Friends Firsts core tenant.The white wine is a medium-bodied blend of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and a small touch of Riesling.
When asked what food would pair beautifully with the white wine, both Andrew carnival bingo printable and Natalie enthusiastically recommended meal-size salads like a niçoise salad, Thai food, and curried shrimp.
The red is a blend of cold-hardy Baco Noir and Cabernet grapes, the latter of which is aged in American and French oak barrels for six months.
Andrew had to temporarily wear an eye patch for a short period of time in his childhood, which led to some mean nicknames for him.
During the evening, Andrew von Teichman was pleasant and engaging as he shared the origin of the wines.
From now until October 17th, 2017,.00 from the sale of each bottle of wine will be directed.
DOnt Poke The Bear wines are made in part by the co-founder of one of Niagaras largest wineries Jackson-Triggs.Welcome / Bienvenue, please select a language / S'il vous plaît sélectionner une langue.All in all, the launch party for DOnt Poke the Bear wines was a fun, inviting, and laidback affair to match the new laidback, consumer-friendly wines.The bears red eye patch is a nod to Andrews experience and serves as a symbol for people who are friendly and considerate but doesnt put up with any form of harassment.The actual wines were easy to drink and palatable.It had a fruity aromatic bouquet with a creamy mouthfeel and a clean finish.Afterwards,.25 from the sale of each bottle will be directed to the organization.Both Andrew and Allan were bullied as children.Friends First is a new non-profit foundation that provides resources and tools to bring awareness to anti-bullying initiatives, promotes empowerment to individuals to stand up to bullies, and encourage empathy and kindness in an increasingly troubled world.1 of 4, a glass or two of your favourite red or white will probably get you feeling pretty good.About DOnt Poke the Bear, dOnt Poke the Bear is a passion project of, allan Jackson and, andrew von Teichman, and a line of great Ontario wines that speaks to anti-bullying and celebrates those who stand up to bullies.The wine-themed décor could have been overwhelmingly kitschy but instead was very tasteful.

The foundation is in progress of becoming a beneficial resource to tackle bullying at the grassroots level, with guests speakers visiting schools to take about bullying as one of their initiatives.
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Both Andrew and Natalie hope to raise 15,000 for this cause from the sales.