In 2018 a contract was signed to produce a total of 10 Tu-160M2 bombers for the Russian Air Force.
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28 The new Tu-160, named Petr Deinekin (after the first commanding officer of the Russian Air Force Gen.
74 Tu-160 NK-74 Proposed upgraded (extended range) version with NK-74 engines.Its spokesman added that the aircraft were escorted by nato fighters as they flew across the Atlantic Ocean.10 53 On, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia was resuming the strategic aviation flights stopped in 1991, sending its bombers on long-range patrols.On, the Ukrainian parliament decreed that the new nation would take control of all military units on its territory; a Defence Ministry was created that same day.Perry, Dominic (19 December 2014).
During the following months, the seven other Tu-160s flew to Engels, with the last two arriving on 21 February 2001.
It was the first time that a Tu-160 had ever fired a full complement of missiles.
38 The Tu-160 is equipped with a probe-and-drogue in-flight refueling system for extended-range missions, although it is rarely used.
36 The Tu-160 has a crew of four (pilot, co-pilot, bombardier, and defensive systems operator) in K-36LM ejection seats.
By 2017 a total of 16 bombers were operational with the Russian Air Force, plus one more was being upgraded to the Tu-160M standard.
The prototype first flew in 1981 and the second aircraft was lost in 1987.
The first modernized Tu-160M bomber was rolled out in 2016.Tu-160R Proposed strategic reconnaissance version.Exploring the Tupolev Tu-160 "Blackjack" part1.Oliphant, Roland; Akkoc, Raziye; Steafel, Eleanor keno gewonnen (17 November 2015).24 25 General Viktor Bondarev has said that development of the PAK DA will continue alongside resumption of production of the older model bomber.Maximum speed 2 220 km/h, service ceiling.5 km, range 12 300 km, armament.Archived from the original on Retrieved Miller, David (1998).Brassey's World Aircraft Systems Directory.Retrieved Lake, Jon (2002).Retrieved "How Americans destroyed Ukraines best Military devices, the Tu 160 Bomber"."Tu-160 Blackjack (Tupolev)." globalsecurity.63 On, Tu-160 bombers were involved in the largest Russian strategic bomber exercise since 1984.The prototype was photographed by an airline passenger at a Zhukovsky Airfield in November 1981, about a month before the aircraft's first flight on 18 December 1981.

The Tu-160M modernisation programme has begun with the first updated aircraft delivered in December 2014.
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