That is what I did today, quickly went back to spectate at the end of the first round to get ready for a refill at the exact right moment.
Personal attacks against other what does sending a poke on facebook mean users, however, are not allowed.Comments that single out a player for ridicule or accuse someone of actions in-game.Also, I'm using an iPad, with iOS8.Batty Dabber, administrator, join Date:Oct 2010, location:Santa Monica,.This list is non-exhaustive; any behavior that is offensive is also forbidden.Do you have sound in other games?
This is a document made to explain all rules when in bingo chat, Thank you Batty Dabber for posting this in our group.
Users cannot give out anyone's personal information such as names, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, et cetera.
And that we have to fill such a server twice to get it really started.Accusing someone of being a troll is also a form of trolling.About this moving from Netherlands to Ireland thing that is happening everyday after the first round - it didn't happen today on semperfi 2 "best maps" which is also in the Netherlands.Debate on differing opinions is appropriate.Attack requests - posting another player's personal profile in an attempt to have other players attack or engage in altercations.Profanity is not allowed."Shouting" - posts that include the use of strings of consecutive capital letters, since this can be interpreted as rude or aggressive.If not, check to make sure your mute button is not on (on your Ipad).Thanks for respecting our rules - we want to create a friendly, fun and welcoming chat environment for our players, and you can help us do this by following the guidelines.

Team Buffalo is so pleased that everyone is meeting new friends and having a nice time in the in-game chat rooms!
Reply With" 01-11-15, 05:51 PM #2, i forgot to give my id TS8RJT.
Personal attacks - posts which insult a poster directly.