Ferox - Hardy Succulent.
Agave multifilifera - Hardy Succulent Agave murpheyi - Century Plant - Hardy Succulent Agave murpheyi 'Engard'- Also listed and sold incorrectly as: Agave murpheyi 'Rodney' - Hardy Succulent Agave murpheyi 'Turner' - Hardy Succulent - A variegated medio-picta form of Agave murpheyi selected by Dave.Filifera - Half-Hardy Succulent (will die in a wet winter but can survive our cold weather if dry).Agave parrasana 'Meat Claw' - Hardy Succulent (if kept very dry in winter) Agave parryi - Century Plant - Hardy Succulent Agave parryi 'J.C.Yes, Im going to try again.Agave chrysantha - Arizona Century Plant - Hardy Succulent.Agave victoriae-reginae X Agave asperrima - These might actually be Agave nickelsiae X Agave asperrima - Hardy Succulent Agave victoriae-reginae X Agave lechuguilla profil poker - These might actually be Agave nickelsiae X Agave lechuguilla - Hardy Succulent Agave weberi - Weber's Century Plant - Hardy Succulent.Agave difformis Snake-Leaf Lechuguilla - Hardy Succulent - Not all clones exhibit the undulating leaves.Expansa - Grand Canyon Hybrid Century Plant - Hardy Succulent - Hard to obtain since the "Endangered Feces" people have appropriated.Agave gracilipes - Hardy Succulent - Thought to be a natural hybrid of Agave lechuguilla and.
Ferox 'Green Goblet' - Ornamental Pulque Agave - Hardy Succulent Agave salmiana var.
Agave 'Pointed Traveler' - Agave nickelsiae X Agave lechugilla - Hardy Succulent Agave x romanii - A hybrid of Agave filifera and Agave mitis var.
Gazon EN rouleaux : Vente de gazon en rouleaux, gazon en plaques, livraison rapide France et Corse.
Agave montana - Mountain Century Plant - Hardy Succulent - Does best with summer shade after 2:00.
Found only on (and near) a couple of vertical spires of ancient limestone in the Ejido of El Pajonal, in the state of Nuevo León, México.Protoamericana - Chihuahuan Desert Century Plant - Hardy Succulent.Winks is the real deal ).Agave americana 'Mediopicta Aurea' - Gold Band Common Century Plant - Hardy Succulent, at least to., if acclimated.NOS bambous : phyllostachys aurea, phyllostachys nigra, pseudosasa japonica, bambou aurea, bambou nigra, bambou metake.The one dozen or so inhabitants of that Ejido are sometimes outnumbered by botanical tourists and seed collectors from central and eastern Europe.

If you go in the summer, descend before mid afternoon to avoid becoming a human lightning rod.
Schidigera - See: Agave schidigera.
Striata - Hardy Succulent Agave striata ssp.